Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Marketing for Dummies... Is It Really For Dummies?

Marketing for Dummies really is marketing made easy for dummies. This book by Alexander Hiam is another For Dummies book designed to teach the basics of marketing for people new to the topic. The aim of the book is to provide an introduction to marketing as well as effective and updated ways to promote products. Hiam is a popular business and marketing author and has been one of the most prominent professors at the University of Massachusetts business school at Amherst.

Marketing for Dummies is a book which features topics that are necessary for business start-up and actual marketing strategies for various marketing campaigns. It focuses on the following:

1. The ten common marketing mistakes that you must watch out for – beginners in marketing commit mistakes that could be very costly in the end. Hiam provides handy tips on how to prevent the risk of making mistakes that will eventually be very important in improving your business.

2. The great ways to save money in marketing – yes there are techniques that will allow you to market your business without spending too much on marketing fees. These techniques will also save you money that you can use for other aspects of your business like improving your products and services especially improving customer service.

3. Surviving a downturn – every business owner dreads a downturn, but if you have experts behind you, you will be able to survive any challenges that may come your way in business.

4. Boosting web sales – Marketing for Dummies is a book that has great topics on increasing web sales. Everything happens online especially marketing campaigns; you will be able to be visible and overtake your competition when you follow the advice found in this book.

5. Imagination is the key – the author also focuses on how to improve your imagination and use it to think of effective marketing techniques. Everyone can use his imagination to increase his marketing potentials and improve his business all it takes is exercise and a few tricks from Marketing for Dummies.

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