Saturday, October 19, 2013

Top 3 Worst Marketing Campaigns that we know of

Advertising has always been a staple of marketing to make one product gain enough popularity. Once the product becomes so popular, it would bring in so much money to the company. However, not all companies are successful when it comes to marketing. Below are 3 marketing campaigns that got people in trouble that they should be enshrined as the worst marketing campaigns ever.

In February 2007, did something that caused a city-widehysteria. In a viral marketing move, Adult Swim employees went to metropolitan areas and then put up neon signs in areas that are hard to reach to promote the show Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Because of the neon colors, people thought that they were explosive devices. What made this worse is that the neon sign which prompted the panic was actually a middle-finger waving moon man.

Even though Coke has been a total train wreck of anadvertising campaign, it was still able to increase Coke’s market share. In the 1980’s, Coca cola released the “New Coke” as a result of Pepsi’s gaining popularity while Coke has been stagnant. The new variation was a lot sweeter just like Pepsi. This variation of Coke only lasted for 77 days before they switched back to the new coke. While others thought that this was a genius marketing strategy, the millions of dollars that are lost proved otherwise.

Just like the war between VHS and Betamax a few decades ago, HD-DVD and Blu-Ray are also battling it out for the future multimedia supremacy. Sony and most of the film industry are backing the Blu-Ray format while Microsoft and other few companies go for HD-DVD. Although HD-DVD is morecost-effective compared to the Blu-Ray, the deciding factor was Sony’s bundle of a Blu-Ray player along with the PS3 gaming console and an agreement that several leading film studios will use the Blu-Ray format. Microsoft held the advantage but they failed to capitalize when they decided to make the HD-DVD player a separate unit from the Xbox 360 console.

There are other companies and people who failed in their marketing strategies, including Oprah who promoted Surface using an iPad. But these are the top 3 worst marketing campaigns of all time.

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