Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top 3 Offline Marketing Techniques

Are you looking for top ways to market your business or products offline? Then you must consider using these latest offline marketing strategies that works best for small or medium scale businesses like yours:

 Mobile marketing
 Do you know that every person has one or even two cell phones that he carries with him anywhere he goes? The cell phone or mobile has been an indispensable item that people cannot live without and you can take advantage of this as a popular offline marketing strategy. You can advertise your products, services, new promotions and new bargains through a mobile number marketing list. This technique is effective, practical and easy to use plus with mobile rates these days; you can cover more ground in just a single text message!

Getting to know your customers through a survey 
If your business is just starting out it pays to get to know your customers better. Why not use a survey to find out what your customers’ needs are and what they expect from your business. For example, you have recently opened a clothing store for children. You may personally give out survey forms to your customers to find out what they usually look for in children’s clothes or what popular brands they trust for their children’s clothes. Remember that every single effort to get to know your customers more would benefit your small business in a great way.

Study your competitors 
 You could learn how to manage your business and even improve your products and services when you take a closer look at your competitors. Find out what makes them tick or what makes their products more appealing, these will help provide you a better outlook of what your customers wants and what products or services you would be able to provide. Your competitors, no matter how small or how successful they may be will be able to teach you so much. But of course you need to create an identity that will make you uniquely you! This will allow your customers to easily distinguish you from other brands and other businesses.

Give out free STUFF!
giving out  freebies to your customers is a good way to get your name out! Give out koozies or pens and see how many new customers come through your doors. this option takes longer but it does work! Happy marketing!