Friday, October 12, 2012

Koozies for Tailgating party adds color to the beautiful day

koozies from

We recently went to the IOWA tailgate and decided to get some custom koozies from custom koozy.

It’s perfect for the partying purpose. It is designed to perfectly fit on beer bottles, soda cans, glass bottles or any disposable cans. The important attribute of these Koozies except from its cool and stylish look is that it is also designed to maintain the temperature and coolness of the beverages. You can print some good tag lines for example  like the image above on the koozy. You can use any vibrant color such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink .etc to write these. It’s very popular as well as cost-effective also.
•    As presents- You can use koozies as a present. Yes they can be a memorable gift for Tailgating.  Customize and personalize the can coolers by using good deigns and it will be the most beautiful gift to present.

•    As return gifts- If you want to present your guest something in return then it will be a good return gift. The host can give can coolers as a sign of remembrance and giveaways. To use koozies for this purpose you need these in a large amount, so it must be affordable.
•    As party decorator- If you want to add color to the party then koozies can be the perfect party decorator. It helps to change the trend and fashion of the party.  It changes the look of the party.

All we require is a good koozies with affordable price and found them at
Items we ordered:
Price: $42 for 25pieces
Quality: 10/10
Overall: 10/10
Will order again for the next tailgating event

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